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Whether you’ve always worn your hair a shade of blonde or you have decided to change up your look and are going from being a brunette or redhead into something lighter, the great news is that there is no shortage of options.

If you thought making the decision to go blonde in the first place was hard, wait until you begin trying to decide what type of blonde to be. It can be overwhelming to say the least!

Fortunately, we’re making it easy. Let’s give you a brief look at the main types of blondes out there, explain which look best on what type of skin tones, and then give you some great examples that show how your favorite brand colors stack up.

Dark Blonde Hair

Dark blonde, not to be confused with dirty blonde, is ultra-trendy at the moment and often used in combination with a lighter brown to create the ombre look that’s so fashionable at this point.

Usually this blonde is best worn by women who tend to be on the slightly pale side and who feel they look a little washed out if they go too light in color.

Color Examples:

Carrie by Noriko in Honey Wheat-R










Brand Offerings:

Rene of Paris: Almond Spice & Almond Spice-R, Mochacinno-R,

Jon Renau:

Estetica Designs: R10/14, R14/24 (blended with pale golden blonde),

Raquel Welch: RL12/16 (Honey Toast),

Envy: Dark Blonde

Dirty Blonde

Dirty blonde is an edgier blonde that is typically lighter overall than dark blonde, however will still give you some of the warmer caramel tones that you get in the dark blonde. Consider it a middle ground if you don’t want to go very light, but aren’t committed to being too dark either.

Color Examples:

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 8.11.24 PM









Brand Offerings:

Rene Of Paris: Honey Wheat,
Estetica Designs: R12/14, R24/6BT,
Raquel Welsh: RL13/88 (Golden Pecan), R1416T (Buttered Toast),
Envy: Mocha Frost, Toasted Sesame

Golden Blonde

Want to look like you’ve been soaking up the sun’s rays all day long? If so, golden blonde is for you. It’ll give off a youthful blonde look that is great for those who want a change of pace from being dark blonde, without going to something very light that may wash you out.

This color looks gorgeous on those who have medium skin and who tend to have a warmer complexion.

Color Examples:


Noriko Angelia Butter Pecan RAmore Nutmeg RScene Stealer Heat Friendly Wig by Raquel WelchEnvy Almond Breeze


















Brand Offerings:

Rene Of Paris: Sandlewood H, Nutmeg-H, Nutmeg-R, Butter Pecan-R, Spring Honey, Harvest Gold
Jon Renau: 14/26S10 (Shaded Peaches and Cream), 14/26S10 (Peaches And Cream), 24B22,
Estetica Designs: R24, R26/613, R613/20H, R14/24 (blended with dark blonde), RH1226
Raquel Welch: RL14/22 (Pale Gold Wheat), R21T (Sandy Blonde), R22 (Swedish Blonde),
Envy: Medium Blonde, Almond Breeze (golden blonde with light blonde highlights), Golden Nutmeg

Honey Blonde

Consider honey blonde the sister to golden blonde only slightly lighter. Honey blonde typically is what the name suggests – the shade of honey. It’s been an on-trend color for many years and likely will continue to do so well into the future.

Color Examples:

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 8.14.07 PM









Brand Offerings:

Rene Of Paris: Sugar Cane, Sugar Cane-R,
Jon Renau: Creme Brulee (24B22), Honey Syrup (FS613/24B)
Estetica Designs: R14/16, R16/22 (honey/ash blend), R16/100,
Raquel Welch: RL16/88 (Pale Golden Honey), R16 (Honey Blonde)
Envy: Vanilla Butter

Strawberry Blonde

Feel as though you are a redhead at heart but aren’t fully committed to going a fiery red color? Or perhaps you’re not wanting to go full-on blonde, but want some variation.

Strawberry blonde is for you and will surely set you apart. This color gives a great balance between a light red color combined with blonde and works great on those with naturally lighter skin tones.

Color Examples:

Jon Renau Ignite FS26/31

Miranda by Jon Renau FS26/31











Raquel Welch S29+


Brand Offerings:

Rene Of Paris: Maple Sugar, Strawberry Swirl
Jon Renau: Strawberry Syrup (FS27), 27B, Caramel Syrup (FS26/31), Salted Caramel (FS26/31S8)
Estetica Designs: R20F, R25F, R25/88, RT613/27,
Raquel Welch: RL14/25 (Honey Ginger), RL25/27 (Butterscotch), R25 (Ginger Blonde), R2026S (Glazed Apricot), R29S/R29S+ (Glazed Strawberry)
Envy: Ginger Cream, Creamed Coffee

Ash Blonde

Feel like you have a cool skin tone and need a color that’s a bit more grey-like than golden? Ash blond is for you.

Ash blonde can be characterized by being darker color in nature or it can be very pale and more like a white-grey.

One thing to note about light ash blonde though: if you have very pale skin to begin with, it can make you appear a little ghost-looking. Unless that’s the look you’re going for, tread carefully.

Likewise, if you tend to have a lot of natural redness in your skin, a cooler toned ash blond can help neutralize this, and you may feel you look best in this color.

Another surefire way to know that ash is your best look? Consider what colors you look good in. If you lean towards blues, purples, and greens, you’re probably cool toned and will do great in ash blonde. If you prefer wearing reds, oranges, and yellow’s, you may be more warm toned and would look better in a golden blonde instead.

Color Examples:

Jon Renau Gisele 10RH16










Brand Offerings:

Rene Of Paris: Sandy Blonde
Jon Renau: Shaded Mocha (24BT18S8), Eclair (24BT18), Almondine (10RH16), 22F16
Estetica Designs: R18, R22, R24/18BT, R16/22 (honey/ash blend), R18/22, R18/22T
Raquel Welch: RL19/23 (Biscuit), R23S/R23S+ (Glazed Vanilla), R1621S/R1621S+ (Glazed Sand)
Envy: Frosted

Platinum Blonde

Want to go as blonde as blonde can get? Platinum is for you. This white-blonde will immediately make you think of Marilyn Monroe as it’s what she’s best known for. It’s also a color that few people would ever grow naturally from their own head, so consider a rooted version of this color if you’re going for realism.

Platinum blonde tends to work great on women with fair skin, although you may want to consider a bit bolder make-up, such as great deep red lips to ensure your facial features don’t get lost in this light color.

Color Examples:










Brand Offerings:

Rene of Paris: Platinum Blonde,
Jon Renau: Toasted Marshmallow (27T613F), 27F613, Shaded Sun (27T613S8)
Estetica Designs: R613, R17/101 (blended with ash blonde), R101, RH26/613SRT8
Raquel Welch: R101 (Pearl Platinum),

Champagne Blonde

Finally, consider champagne blonde to be a good in between version of strawberry blonde and platinum. This blonde color will give you beige undertones and is a more mature look for those who want it.

Color Examples:

Jon Renau Kristen 12FS8

Jolie in Creamy Toffee R










Brand Offerings:

Rene Of Paris: Creamy Toffee-R, Vanilla Lush, Champagne
Jon Renau: Shaded Praline (12FS8), FS12/24B
Estetica Designs: R22/102
Raquel Welch: SS23/61 (Cream)
Envy: Light Blonde, Sparkling Champagne,