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April 9, 2017
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Your Complete Guide To Jon Renau’s Ignite

Ignite Super Feature brought to you by Canada Wig | www.canadawig.com

Want a sassy, short, easy to wear cut? Look no further than the Ignite wig by Jon Renau. This style has it all. It’s lightweight, easy to wear, suits many different face shapes and sizes, AND comes at a very nice price point.

What more could you ask for in a short style?

Jon Renau’s Ignite wig is a heat defiant wig, so you can use heat tools on it and features a SmartLace front with a basic cap to keep the price point down.

Plus, it’s available in a wide range of colors. Not sure what color is right for you? Not to worry, we have your complete guide to choosing your perfect Ignite below. See which color and look is your best match.

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Ignite In Shaded Praline (12FS8)

Looking for a gorgeous blonde shade with dark brown rooting? You simply cannot go wrong with Shaded Praline (12FS8). This is one of Jon Renau’s most popular blonde colors and for good reason! Check out the beautiful highlights in this wig. This color does lean towards the ashy side, but isn’t too white blonde looking. Perfect for just about all skin tones.

Watch the Video—–> https://youtu.be/FWfvEf9gi6Q

















Ignite In 24B22 

Looking for a warm blonde without roots? 24B22 is a great go-to color. This gorgeous color is a blend of 24 and 22, which is what gives it a noticeably warmer effect – perfect for those with medium skin tones.

Watch the Video—–> https://youtu.be/618Arl0BSak

















Ignite In 22F16 (Blonde Brownie)

If an ashier non-rooted blonde is more your thing, 22F16 is a color to check out. This blonde is quite a bit different than the above 24B22 in that it has a totally different color tone. The above is a golden color while this one is lighter and more ashy. Another gorgeous color choice!

Watch the Video—–> https://youtu.be/8GrlylNFyOk


















Ignite In Shaded Peaches And Cream (14/26S10)

Want a warmer blonde with rooting? Check out Shaded Peaches and Cream. This color is a gorgeous blonde blended with a reddish blonde, coupled with darker roots for a natural looking hair growth appearance. One of Jon Renau’s most popular blonde shades! If you love Nutmeg R by Noriko, this is a very similar color.

Watch the Video—–> https://youtu.be/XuqJm4UrKkw


















Ignite In Shaded Mocha (24BT18S10)

Do you love a good ash blonde? Shaded Mocha by Jon Renau is the blonde for you. While Shaded Peaches and Cream above gives off a gorgeous golden feel, this blonde is noticeably different. With some brown undertones mixed with ash blonde and darker roots, it’s a great color choice as well.

Watch the Video—–> https://youtu.be/HjFKvbFthsU


















Ignite In 8RH14

Want an ashy brown with highlights? You might want to check out 8RH14. This color is a very natural looking brown that is definitely on the cooler, ashier side. The highlights are nicely noticeable without being overly chunky, making it look like you just stepped out of a salon.

Watch the Video—–> https://youtu.be/tiKlmnR0PSQ

















Ignite In 6/33 

If you are looking for a gorgeous warm brown with hints of auburn, 6/33 is the color to choose. This blend of a warm dark brown along with a medium auburn red is subtle and natural looking with ever so slight streaks detected. It’s not a very bold highlight pattern, so perfect for those looking for a more subdued look.

Watch the Video—–> https://youtu.be/bs0_0VpBnAw


















Ignite In Chocolate Cherry (FS2V/31V)

Craving a vibrant color with gorgeous red highlights? Chocolate Cherry, which is part of Jon Renau’s new Chocolate Collection is for you. This color features a very dark base off black with hints of violet coupled with intense red-violet highlights throughout. It’s a high-fashion color for those who really want to turn heads.

Watch the Video—–> https://youtu.be/w17RdooaBQk


















Ignite In 1BRH30

We just saw a vibrant red highlighted color. Want some red but more subdued? 1BRH30 may be a better choice for you. This color still has a very dark base being an off black (1B) and then has pretty deeper red highlights that aren’t quite as streaky as the Chocolate Cherry color. If you want a more natural, but still highlighted look, this could be a great choice for you.

Watch the Video—–> https://youtu.be/63PUgJyQ3R0


















Ignite In FS26/31

Want a red/blonde mix? Jon Renau has you covered. Their Caramel Syrup color, which has the code FS26/31 is a gorgeous blend of a reddish brown color coupled with a golden blonde. The highlights in this particular wig really stand out! It’s one you’ll want to check out. Also note that if you prefer a darker root, you can get that as well with the Salted Caramel color, which is also part of their Chocolate Collection (FS26/31S6).

Watch the Video—–> https://youtu.be/TBcN8Y8hGw8


















Ignite In 101F48T

Grey hair is the hot trend right now so whether you’re naturally grey and want to maintain a color as close to your bio hair as possible or you just want to jump on the grey bandwagon, Martini by Jon Renau is a great color choice. This is a very ashy blonde/grey, so it has that modern feel that will make you feel stylish and in-style each time you wear it.

Watch the Video—–> https://youtu.be/w_TujnIUZSg