To Tell Or Not To Tell About Your Wigs

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To Tell Or Not To Tell About Your Wigs

To tell or not to tell about your wigs

After purchasing your fabulous new hair, it’s bound to happen at least a few times: the unexpected compliment.

“Your hair looks fabulous!”

“Wow, I love your hair, who’s your stylist?”

“Your hair color is gorgeous. I’d kill for that color.”

These are just a few of the comments you may find yourself getting. It’s good to think about how you’ll handle these situations before they happen so that you can conduct yourself in a manner you feel confident and comfortable with.

So now comes the age-old question: do you tell them you’re wearing a wig or keep it a secret?

The Case For Telling

Some people prefer to just be honest and let the other person know that they’re wearing a wig. This does two things. First, it saves you from feeling uncomfortable lying about the fact it isn’t indeed your bio hair.

Second, it may open the doors for a conversation about wigs if that person is receptive and interested. If you’re someone who’s passionate about alternative hair and wants to help other women possibly find their path to hair as well, you might choose this route.

You do need to be very confident in the fact that you are wearing a wig though and should anticipate further questions as such. Alternatively, other people may look at you funny and that could create a sense of awkwardness, so do expect that as well. You need to be prepared for any scenario.

Many, however, will just comment that they would have never guessed and leave it at that. Most people are polite enough to keep any potential negative comments they have to themselves.

The Case For Keeping It A Secret

The second option is to keep it a secret and just tell them, thanks!  This is a great option for those who aren’t comfortable sharing with the world they are wearing a wig and who prefer to end the conversation at that.

There is nothing wrong with this, especially if the person in question is a stranger. If it’s a close friend you see daily, you might consider the former approach, especially if you do change your styles fairly often as that will raise additional questions in their minds.

All in all, you need to decide for yourself what you are comfortable with. Remember there is no right or wrong answer to this question but rather, it’s all about what you feel suits you and the situation best.

In some situations, you might feel best not telling the other person and in others, you may feel like opening up. Your mood on that given day can also have a lot to do with it.

Just know that whatever you choose, it’s your decision to make and you should never feel guilty or bad about that decision.