Three Great Options To Get Your A-Line Bob

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A Guide To Transitioning Between Styles
March 16, 2017
Drew by Jon Renau in Toffee Truffle
Drew By Jon Renau In Toffee Truffle FS6/30/27
March 17, 2017

Three Great Options To Get Your A-Line Bob

Best A-Line Bob Wigs

Looking for the A-line bob look that’s so incredibly hot right now? These cuts are everywhere and are the envy of most women. Unfortunately, to create this look with natural bio hair you need a lot of it! This look requires stacking in the back, which is definitely not going to happen with any sort of thinning hair.

Fortunately, you can still capture that style with the help of your ‘helper hair’ aka a wig! When it comes to A-line bobs, you have plenty of options. Let’s look at three great choices to get you started off right.

Ignite By Jon Renau

Perhaps one of the hottest short styles out there that you can buy, Ignite by Jon Renau won’t disappoint. This wig is made of heat defiant fibers, so you’ll be able to add curl to your heart’s content.

It features an incredible side profile that will have people stopping on the street to ask you where you’ve had your hair done.

Just do beware, if you don’t want to attract attention, this one may not be for you. People will be complimenting you left, right, and center – it’s almost guaranteed.

Ignite comes with a full lace front and a basic cap, so the price point is very reasonable. Pictured below is Ignite in 12FS8 (Shaded Praline).

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Jolie By Noriko

Prefer something with a little more bang? Try Jolie by Noriko. You’ll find this one is slightly longer in the front and gives a bit more of a rounder look, but features again, that gorgeous stacking in the back that will have everyone taking a second look.

Jolie will give you plenty of volume as well and features natural movement with the silky fibers of the Noriko brand. This one doesn’t come with a lace front, but does feature a full monofilament top. Pictured below is Jolie in Copper Glaze-R.













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Aria By Rene Of Paris

Finally, if you want an a-line bob that has longer front pieces and a stronger gradient, you’ll want to consider Aria by Rene of Pairs. This bob has very whispy front pieces that can either be left as-is or cut shorter if you prefer. The choice is yours!

This wig also comes in an array of fun colors, including Plumberry Jam-LR, which is a deep, luxurious plum-red shade. Featuring a lace front and a basic cap, it’s also a great choice to create the look you desire. Pictured below is Aria in Honey Wheat.
Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 8.11.24 PMScreen Shot 2016-12-27 at 9.20.56 PMScreen Shot 2016-12-27 at 9.20.44 PM


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So give these three options a try if you want a care-free style that is so on point right now. No matter which of these three you choose, you can virtually be guaranteed to look great in it.