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Wig Care: Frequency Of Washing
June 16, 2017
Stop Traffic by Raquel Welch in color SS9-30
Stop Traffic by Raquel Welch in color SS30/28
July 3, 2017

Stop Traffic by Raquel Welch in color R1621S

stop traffic by raquel welch |

If you are on the hunt for a shoulder length shag, Raquel Welch has the wig for you! Stop Traffic is one of the latest styles from this line of hair and is one that is catching a lot of people’s attention. Fun, flirty, and easy to wear are all things that you could use to describe this wig.

Stop Traffic comes with a monofilament top to create the illusion of the most natural looking hairline and since it has a nice bang to cover the front of the cap, no lace front is needed. This helps keep the price point lower, making it a great wig if you’re on a budget.

Given the fact it rests above the shoulders as well, this makes it ideal for minimal upkeep. Add that to the fact this wig is supposed to look a bit messy and this is a real ‘put on and go’ type of style.

Shown in the review below is the color R1621S, which is a gorgeous lighter blonde shade that is a bit more on the ashy side and comes with the look of natural rooting.

Check out our review of this style below.


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