Pros And Cons To Heat Defiant Hair

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Pros And Cons To Heat Defiant Hair

pros and cons to heat defiant wigs - heat friendly wig

If you’re just getting started wearing wigs, one decision you’ll need to make is whether you want to go with a regular synthetic fiber or with a head defiant fiber instead.

Heat defiant fibers are very popular and for good reason – there are many great things about them. This said, there are some downsides as well. Educating yourself before you buy is always your best bet.

Here’s what to know.

The Look And Feel Of The Hair

First, let’s talk about two things that top most people’s list when buying a wig: the look and feel.

Heat defiant hair does have a tendency to feel more like real human hair and generally has a slightly softer quality to it. And, when it comes to shine, heat defiant hair wins hands down against synthetic hair, especially if you are ordering a blonde color.

You’ll notice your heat defiant wig looks ready to wear right out of the box, while with a regular synthetic, you might need to add some dry shampoo to tone down the shine.

This can be a big benefit to many people.

The Upkeep Of This Fiber

The next point to know is with regards to the upkeep of this fiber. Generally speaking, heat defiant fibers do require a bit more TLC compared to regular synthetic fibers, especially if they are below the shoulders.

They do tend to clump together a little easier and if they experience too much friction (such as against shirts or the skin), they can frizz faster than normal synthetic fibers.

So you’ll need to have a good conditioning spray and use it on a regular basis and along with that, also always have a wide toothcomb (preferably one made specifically for wigs) on you. This way, you can comb as necessary to separate those fibers if they do clump up.  A must-have product for heat friendly hair (or any synthetic fiber wigs), is the HD Smooth Detangler by Jon Renau.  It softens the fibers of both types of synthetic fibers, heat-friendly wigs and regular synthetic wigs.

The Longevity Of Your Wig

Now, while the upkeep of this fiber type is more intensive, in reward, you’ll generally get more wear out of the wig. The great thing about heat defiant fibers is that you can use heat on them to smooth out the fiber once it starts looking a bit worn.

A simple glide with your flat iron (or even a regular clothing iron on a lower heat setting) can quickly revive the fibers, making them look good as new again. This means you can keep wearing that wig long after you would have tossed a regular synthetic.

This said, do remember that re-curling and styling a heat defiant wig exactly how it was styled when you got it can be tricky. So keep that in mind as you purchase it and wear it. Depending on your styling skills, you may need to be satisfied with having it straighter after the first time you revive the fibers.

So there you have a few things to keep in mind when considering heat defiant fiber. They are great fibers if you know how to care for them and go in with the right expectations. With so many great styles being heat defiant fiber, it pays to learn how to deal with this type.