Noriko’s Angelica Versus Angelica PM

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Noriko’s Angelica Versus Angelica PM

Angelica PM Wig by Noriko Partial Mono Top

If you are someone who loves your long hair, chances are, you’ve purchased the beloved Angelica wig by Noriko before. This wig is a classic style as it really is so beautiful and will instantly transform your look into one that’s feminine, stylish, and makes it seem as though you have been blessed with the most gorgeous hair around.

Now however, Noriko has one-upped it’s standard Angelica and has come out with the Angelica PM version. What is this one and is it right for you? Let’s compare and contrast these two styles.

The Stats On Regular Angelica

If you love color variety, there is no shortage of it with Angelica. As it’s a best-selling wig for Noriko, you’ll have your pick of color options. With a total of 33 different colors to choose from, you’ll easily find the perfect one.

Angelica measures 16 inches at the top, has a bang measurement of 8 inches, and has a nape measurement of 16. The overall weight of Angelica is 6.5 oz., so it is a style where you are getting a lot of hair. This isn’t a low density wig, so one that’s great for those who love volume and body.

Even better, it comes with pre-cut baby hairs around the nape so you can pull this style up into a higher ponytail without worry. You’ll create a realistic looking hairline at the back of the neck thanks to these shorter hairs.

The Stats On Angelica PM

To compare and contrast, Angelica PM has a bang measurement of 8.5 inches, so slightly longer than standard Angelica, a crown measurement of 16.1 inches, and a nape measurement of 16.1 inches as well. All in all, this makes it very similar to the original version.

The weight is 6.7 oz., so you are getting a slightly heavier style, however this may be more due to the difference in cap than the actual hair you’re receiving on this wig.

Which now brings us to the most important difference between these two wigs: the partial monofilament.

Regular Angelica comes with a basic cap so you get no mono part or top and no lace front. Angelica PM also does not come with a lace front, but you do get a gorgeous mono part that will mimic a more realistic looking part-line.

So which is right for you?

Your Deciding Factors

The main thing you want to ask yourself is first, whether you need that realistic looking part and second, whether you want as much height and volume at the crown as possible.

You will lose a small amount of height at the crown when opting for Angelica PM, but don’t let yourself think this is a flat wig by any means. The density prevents it from looking too flat, so you’ll still get plenty of volume.

That said, you can’t fluff it up like you can the regular Angelica, so it does create a slightly different look.

Check out the images below to see just how these two gorgeous styles compare.

At the end of the day, you really can’t go wrong with Angelica. It’s a gorgeous wig that will make you the envy of most women out there.


Angelica PM by Noriko in Mochaccino-R

Angelica by Noriko in Butter Pecan-R

Angelica by Noriko in Butter Pecan-R