My Hair Loss Story – Shannon

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August 30, 2016
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My Hair Loss Story – Shannon

My Story

In order to best explain my story, I figured a bit of background information is in order. I grew up as a former competitive figure skater. Much of my days were spent in the ice rink, training hard for the sport I loved.  At around the age of 15, I was training with one of the most competitive clubs in the province and my coach told me that it was time to lose some weight.  Weighing in at 132 pounds at 5’6”, I really didn’t need to lose weight by normal standards, but by figure skating standards, being thinner would be better.

I took this advice to heart and not really understanding the best route to go at it, developed an eating disorder.  At around the same time, my monthly cycle had just begun and I believe I experienced two cycles before it stopped entirely as my disorder raged on.

While I did eventually go on to seek treatment for the condition (and recovered the summer I turned 18), due to my missed cycles, the doctors put me on birth control.  This would give me a period so I wouldn’t be at risk for osteoporosis at such a young age.

After recovering, I stayed on the birth control (due to not wanting to be pregnant) and didn’t think too much of it as everyone seemed to be using the pill.  15 years passed by and at the age of 31, my future husband and I decided we wanted to start trying for a baby.  I had asked doctors previously if I should come off the pill to see if I could actually get a period again and they always told me we would deal with it when the time came and not to worry.  Well, the time had come.

In March 2015, 7 months before our wedding, my fiancé and I decided I would discontinue the pill.  I had my own suspicions that it may take some time for my body to regulate itself again, so we figured the extra early start would do no harm.

At this point, my hair had always been thin.  All my life growing up, I had never been blessed with gorgeous hair like my friends had and no matter how hard I tried to learn how to style it, it just never looked all that great.

When I came off the pill though, that’s when the real troubles began.  My hair started falling out rapidly – much to my dismay as you might imagine with a wedding just around the corner.  I recall seeing so much hair on my floor all the time – even after vacuuming it was like I just needed to vacuum once again.  Drains would get clogged in the shower, hair would be found in our food (a very unfortunate side effect of hair loss indeed!) and my ponytail began getting thinner and thinner.

Fortunately, I lasted up until the wedding. I added in extensions and with the help of more back combing than I ever thought possible, I felt like a princess come my wedding day.

After we got married and there was still no sign of a cycle however, we took the step to consult my GYNO.  She then started the fertility treatments.  First Clomid, then Famara.  While the Famara did in fact bring about two cycles, the third time failed and that’s when she told me I’d need to be referred to a specialist.

All the while, the hair loss only accelerated.  After the wedding, it was too much to take all this hair coming out so I took the plunge and tried out that short style I’d been dying to try as long as I could remember.  What better time than now to give short hair a go?

The fertility drugs though had the unfortunate effect of worsening the hair loss situation to the point even my short cut was no longer really manageable.  My ponytail had been whittled down and now not only was it incredibly thin, it was incredibly short as well.

My self-esteem was down, my self-confidence was at an all time low, and I felt more miserable than ever.  After too many nights of crying over my hair loss, I started seeking out solutions.  I had been to the doctor about it and all tests came back normal.  So I’m not really sure if it’s genetics causing my hair loss as my mom has quite thin hair as well, stopping of the birth control, or the fertility meds, but either way, I wasn’t happy about it.

I came across Canada Wig and at first, was scared.  Would I really have to wear a wig?  I liked the looks of the styles I saw, but thought it’d be terribly uncomfortable to wear one and more importantly, would it look real?

After much debate, I eventually put in my first order.  When it came, I was elated.  I remember so clearly how thick the wig felt and how much volume I could get!  It was like a dream come true.  I only wished my hair could do this!

It was then that I was hooked.  Faster forward to August 2016 and my cycle has resumed for two months and counting.  We are not pregnant yet (fingers crossed) but it does seem like my hair loss may have slowed.  It’s still present, but not as bad as it was when I had no cycle or was on fertility meds.  I have still yet to see the fertility specialist, so there’s no telling what that may entail when they start me on more medication.

Will my hair loss continue until I’m nearly bald?  That I cannot say.  But I can say with quite some certainty that I will keep wearing wigs forever.  Unless something magical happens and my hair comes back twice as thick as it ever was, I simply feel more confident in the wigs that I wear.  Plus, changing colors or lengths has never been easier.

While my story is not the most dramatic story out there (and for those of you who are losing hear for serious medical reasons, my heart goes out to you – it’s your strength and courage that gave me the strength I needed when I was down as I knew there were far more serious reasons I could be losing my hair), I hope it does help comfort some of you who are just naturally losing their hair due to genetics, age, or the course of nature.

Wearing a wig doesn’t have to be for those who have serious medical conditions and who don’t have any hair underneath.  It can be for the everyday woman who simply wants to feel better about her looks and put her best foot forward.  With the realistic styles that you can find on the market today, I feel it’s never been easier and more comfortable to do so.

It’s been a hard journey, but one that I don’t regret having to go through.  If it wasn’t for my hair loss, I wouldn’t have ever come across wigs and had the opportunity to connect with other strong women going through similar issues.