My Hair Loss Story – Madison – Part 2

Meg wig by Estetica Designs
August 4, 2016
Rachel by Jon Renau
August 9, 2016

My Hair Loss Story – Madison – Part 2

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My Hair Loss Story – Madison – Part 2

I made peace with my hair loss so now what? Bring on the wigs…

There is this fantastic world of wigs that I would have never known about before my hair loss. Admittedly I’ve spent hours and hours familiarizing myself with the ins and outs of all things ‘wig’ and probably watched hundreds of videos. Synthetic vs. Human, monofilament top, lace front, wefting, etc etc were ALL new terms to me that I would have never known before. There are so many options for people experiencing hair loss and I’m really only scratching the surface with 6 months under my belt. But it is so comforting to know that I have options to wear a wig, a headscarf or even to go without. Some days I just need that comfort of hair on my head but some days when I’m feeling extra confident/not worried about what anyone else thinks, I can go to the grocery store without covering my head.

Considering all these options did leave me with some anxiety though which I want to address here and now because I know that if I was nervous about them then I probably wasn’t alone.

1. Seeing people I know for the first time while wearing my wig:
I always had this feeling like they knew I was wearing a wig and they were staring right at it. My first outing wearing my very first wig was a neighbors’ birthday party at the bowling alley. I was so nervous and was convinced everyone thought I was wearing a big fat chicken on my head and no one was saying anything. But that feeling was on me, no one even knew I was wearing a wig and we’re all floored when
they found out it was. I’ve read that the secret to wearing wigs is confidence and my one tip from experience is that is exactly true. Own whatever look you choose and that self-assurance will shine through.

2. Going ‘au naturel’ without a wig:
The stares used to bother me, wondering what people were thinking of me. If they thought I had cancer, or if they thought I being ‘alternative’ with a baldhead – but then I realized that those feelings
were on them not me and I was still ok with me. Being so exposed takes some getting used to but to that I say again, be confident in who you are and what you are wearing/not wearing and that’s what
people see. There are so many people choosing to shave their heads so to embrace that look takes courage but will let your true beauty shine through.

3. Explaining to people why I was or was not wearing a wig:
This one is tough. You don’t have to explain anything to anyone. If someone comments and how great your haircut it, a simple thank you will suffice. No need to tell that stranger that it’s a wig. If you can get compliments on your hair, wig or not, then take it! You really only have to answer what you feel comfortable with and I’ve realized that sometimes its no ones business what you choose to wear each day,
just like clothes, your hair/no hair is a choice.

Now all that being said, each day is different for me. Since it is the summer, I’ve been opting for no wigs lately and everyone around me as accepted that as my ‘new look’. I’ve embraced the style and am trying am making it work for me. Some days I throw on a wig because I feel like it, as uncomplicated as that.

Although there are a few events looming in the upcoming months, I am going back to work in September and need to find a way to enter the work force that I am comfortable with. Since I do work in a business setting, I will need to find a wig to reflect a professional demeanor so the search is on. I also have to try to find a way to tell/not tell my coworkers about my new condition. I have been putting this off until the last minute because I really do not know how I am going to approach this! I am also maid of honor at my sister’s wedding to in September and need to find a ’wedding hair’ so to speak. These are all exciting things and I am taking each challenge one at a time. If I can continue to see them as possibilities instead of struggles then my whole outlook can shift towards a positive, inspiring future.