My Hair Loss Story – Emma

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My Hair Loss Story – Emma

My Hair Loss Story Emma Alopecia

My hair loss story started about 8 years ago. I always had thin hair, it was a family trait, and I accepted it. It wasn’t until I had my son 6 years ago that I realized it was going to be an uphill battle forever.  I was diagnosed with postpartum hypothyroidism, so between that and being a stressed out, depressed, exhausted new mom,  I experienced my first real “hair loss.”

Female Hair Loss Alopecia


I had to stop wearing my hair down, and the only style I could pull off was a messy top bun, which sometimes worked well with the tired new Mom look!  I found the concealer product, Toppik, which temporarily helped my problem.   It was wonderful being able to shake on colorful powder that gave me more confidence and gave the appearance of a full head of hair.

It came with frustration though!   I am naturally a  brunette, so in order to cover my scalp with a colored concealer, it had to be a dark powder.   My pillow would be covered by morning with product, it would get stuck under my nails when I scratched my scalp, and made me feel self conscious.


Hair Loss - female pattern baldness


I decided to take steps towards finding a “cure” for this odd hair loss problem.  I sought out a dermatologist, and after my first appointment, I knew Alopecia would be my struggle in life.   He was ready to give me medication that would help, but if I got pregnant on it, there was a very high chance my child would be a hermaphrodite.  Those words were chilling to me. I decided I couldn’t take the risk, even though my plan was to not grow my family at the time.   The solution seemed selfish. It also felt unnatural, and scary to put something so detrimental into my body.

I did Rogaine on and off over the years and nothing really helped.  My hair loss came to an all time high when the stress of dealing with an abusive and mentally-ill husband peaked.   I feel that my hair loss over my 6 year marriage was my body’s way of dealing with the emotional pain.


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Eleven months ago, when my son and I walked away from the hardest 6 years of my life, I was left with a few hairs on my head and a rough year ahead in court fighting for custody.  I had considered wigs in the past, but never really had the confidence to try one on, let alone walk out my house with one on.

I started following a beautiful woman on Instagram, “AlopeciaBlondie” and she changed my life!!  She was this little blonde bombshell that rocked motherhood and a fitness-filled life, in a wig, and I wanted to do the same.  One month after my husband and I separated, I ordered my first Jon Renau wig  from Canada Wig in the style Scarlett, and never looked back!

Emma's Hair Loss Story living with Alopecia


After I became hooked on how much confidence I had when I wore it, I decided I wanted to try something new. Blondes have more fun right? I ordered Heidi in a beautiful platinum ash blonde, and she and I had the time of our lives!

It’s been interesting accepting Alopecia as a part of my life and who I am. Wearing a wig isn’t the most practical, it’s not always fun, and it comes with its struggles. It’s itchy, annoying, and hot at times; but I feel that everyone has their cross to bear in life, and this one is mine.

Hopefully one day I can have my own head of hair back, I look forward to that day with excitement. Until then, I will continue rocking my wigs and feeling free; and proving that I can look struggle and adversity in the face, and with the flip my hair say, “I got this!


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