My Hair Loss Story – Christa

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My Hair Loss Story – Christa

Alopecia - My Hair Loss Story by Christa

My Story

Hi my name is Christa and this is my hair loss journey.  I will start by saying that I have always had very thin frail lack luster hair.  I have always used extensions and backcombing and teasing to hide how thin my hair really was.  My story has two  parts and still continues to this day.

I experienced my first bout of hair loss when I was 37. I had fallen very ill with a bacterial infection called peritonitis and spent a month in the hospital.  After many weeks of ct scans, needles, ultrasounds, and countless strong medications, I started to see more and more of my hair falling out. I began to dread taking a shower because the amount of hair that came out onto my brush was shocking.  Not to mention the dreaded clogged drains. This continued until I could no longer hide it and had to shave off what remained.  I became depressed.  I battled daily with the embarrassment, anger, and sadness that comes with such a thing.  My hair was a big part of the person I projected to the world. It sounds so superficial to be upset about something that I couldn’t control. After all, I had survived, I didn’t have cancer. I felt I had no right to be upset. So I decided to do something about it.

I began researching wigs. I was obsessed. Over the course of the next year I ordered many wigs. Different styles, lengths, brands, and densities. The very first time I put on a wig I felt like my old self again. No wait …better than before. I felt empowered. I could never have had hair like this before. It was so easy to just throw on a wig and look like I was bringing my A game everywhere I went. My hair slowly started to grow back. I continued to wear wigs and nobody knew I had lost my hair except my family and close friends. Over the course of 2 years my very thin fragile hair grew back. Even though I now had some hair I continued to use wigs. They became a mainstay in my life and I would wear them to work, parties, special occasions, and even on days when I was too lazy to do my hair. It was an accessory and I loved it.

I am now 41, and this is where the part two comes into play.

Roughly a year ago, I began to notice more and more hair in my brush and the tell tale clogged drains again. My already thin hair had lost its density by at least half.  I would notice in many of the pictures I took I could see the skin on my head through my hair.  I had very thin spots on the front and sides appearing.  I thought for sure it was genetic as I come from a long line of thin hair and baldness. (thanks mom and dad).  Three months ago I had random bald spots start to appear throughout my entire head. This was followed by an alopecia areata diagnosis.

This time I was prepared for how I felt, I know I could not control what my body was doing or telling me. My hair just happened to be the casualty…again.  So here I am accepting what my body has decided to do.  Will I be completely bald again in 3 months time?  I don’t know.  But I will be okay if I am.

Through countless hours of research and some pretty comical trial and error I have learned to accept my condition and rock some seriously stunning wigs.  I may never know what caused this or continues to cause this.  I continue to fight the fight through diet and exercise and reducing stress.  I also have the unconditional love of a very understanding wonderful husband and family.

So this is it. My coming out, if you will. My name is Christa and I wear wigs!

This journey that I’m on is a positive one for me. My alopecia has opened up a new world of strong positive accepting women going through the same thing.  I want women to know that regardless of how you lost your hair that there is hope.  That it’s okay to own it.  That it’s okay to feel sexy again.  That it’s okay to wear a wig with confidence and look amazing when you step out that door (hair or no hair underneath).

This is my story. I know that whatever my future holds I can embrace it with confidence, and I am blessed to have been empowered with the knowledge from other beautiful strong women going through the same thing as myself.


My Hair Loss Story by Christa

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