Jon Renau’s Miranda Versus Gisele

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Jon Renau’s Miranda Versus Gisele

Miranda Wig and Gisele Wig Comparison by Jon Renau Wigs

Looking for a mid-length gorgeous style that offers slight curl and great movement? You have two excellent options if you’re a Jon Renau fan: Gisele and Miranda. Miranda is one of the newer additions to their line and has lots to offer while Gisele is an older standby that you simply can’t go wrong with.

What are the differences between the two? Let’s take a closer look.

Miranda by Jon Renau in Caramel Syrup (FS26/31)

Miranda by Jon Renau in Caramel Syrup (FS26/31)

Cap Features

Perhaps the biggest difference between these two will be that Gisele features a full monofilament top while Miranda comes with just a monofilament part. This means with both styles you’ll get that realistic looking part-line, however with Gisele, you can part the hair wherever you please.

This said, Miranda does offer a lower price point due to the fact it’s only a mono-part, so that must not be overlooked. It’s a great benefit for anyone who’s on a budget.


When we look at the specifications, Gisele measures 12.5 inches at the top, has a bang measurement of 7 inches, a back and side measurement of 11.5 inches and a nape measurement of 13 inches.

Looking at Miranda, this style also measures 12.5 at the top, has a longer bang at 10.25 inches, has a back and side measurement that’s slightly shorter at 11 inches, and has a nape measurement of 12 inches.

Overall, the primary difference you’ll notice is that Miranda comes with a longer bang while Gisele’s bang is shorter and meant to be swept off to the side. Gisele is slightly longer in the back as well, however the one inch difference will hardly be noticeable.

Curl Pattern

On to the curl pattern. Both styles offer slight curl towards the ends, which will eventually in time become a bit straighter as the hair relaxes. This provides great movement and ensures the hair doesn’t just hang there like a poker straight style.

Gisele by Jon Renau in Almondine (10RH14)

Gisele by Jon Renau in Almondine (10RH14)

This said, you will find that Gisele’s curl pattern starts a little higher up towards the middle of the hair, while Miranda’s curl pattern is more focused down towards the end. Both are remarkably similar, however.

So all in all, the biggest difference to consider is, do you want a shorter bang and what is your price point? Use these two questions to guide your decision.

If you prefer a longer bang, Miranda is your better bet. Do keep in mind however that you could always trim Miranda’s bangs to be more like Gisele’s if you desire. Beyond that, if budget is your top concern, Miranda is your best choice. If being able to part anywhere on the top is your biggest concern, go for Gisele.

With either choice however, you will be more than satisfied. These are both gorgeous styles that almost all people will look great in.

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