Jon Renau’s Heidi Versus Jon Renau’s Rachel

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Jon Renau’s Heidi Versus Jon Renau’s Rachel

rachel by jon renau wigs

If you’re looking for a longer beachy wave style, you have your fare share of options. Two of the most popular gorgeous wigs are Jon Renau’s Heidi and Jon Renau’s Rachel.

These two wigs are really quite similar, but with a few notable differences. Let’s look at the biggest differences so you can choose which one is right for you.


If it’s a longer style you want, Rachel is your best bet. While both wigs measure around the same length in the front, coming in at 15 inches, Heidi has a gradual taper so it’s shorter in the back and longer in the front.

Rachel is 15 inches on the sides and has a nape measurement of 10 inches, while Heidi is 10.5 inches on the side and has a nape measurement of 9 inches. This difference, while subtle is still noticeable.

Both styles have a bang measurement of 7 inches, so they look remarkably similar from the front. It’s the side and back profile where you’ll notice the biggest difference.


Another difference to note is the density. Now, at first glance, it would seem that both wigs are very similar. Heidi comes in weighing 4.6 ounces while Rachel is just slightly lighter at 4.5 ounce. Not much of a difference, right?

But do note, because of the fact Rachel is longer than Heidi, this becomes more noticeable as the thickness of the two wigs differs. Rachel is slightly lighter and has longer hair, which means there is less of it overall.

If you want a fuller style, you’ll get that from Heidi.

Cap Style

Perhaps the biggest difference between the two styles and what accounts for the difference in price is the cap style. Both wigs do come with Jon Renau’s signature lace front and mono top, however Rachel is 100% hand tied, while the rest of Heidi’s cap is the basic wefted cap.

If you are looking for supreme comfort, Rachel is the clear winner here.


Which leads us to the next point – price. Because of the features just noted (the 100% hand tied cap), you will pay a premium for Rachel. If you really prefer the hand-tied cap, it will be money well spent.

On the other hand, if you are a budget-conscious buyer, you might just find that Heidi gets you a very similar look for a fraction of the cost.

So which will you buy? Do you prefer Heidi or Rachel?

Below you can see two comparison pictures of these two wigs side by side. On the left is Rachel in Shaded Peaches and Cream (14/26S10) and on the right is Heidi in 8RH14.

Shaded Peaches and Cream DaylightHeidi