Jon Renau 4/27/30 Regular Fiber Versus 4/27/30 Heat Friendly Fiber

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Jon Renau 4/27/30 Regular Fiber Versus 4/27/30 Heat Friendly Fiber

Jon Renau's Synthetic Fiber 4/27/30 versus Heat Friendly 4/27/30

When shopping for Jon Renau styles, it’s important to remember that the colors seen in synthetic fibers will differ slightly compared to the colors in heat defiant styles. While the differences are generally quite mild, they are there and it is something that you will want to be aware of.

One gorgeous Jon Renau shade is 4/27/30, which is a blend of a base color of four (dark brown), with a 27 and a 30, both of which are a reddish, caramel brown sort of color. The end result is a very rich and warm brown that comes across with a slightly red or orange vibe. Hence, this color is actually referred to as Carrot Cake. This doesn’t mean it’s orange however! It simply means that it is a brown that leans slightly more in that direction. Let’s take a look at the two fiber types in this color so you can see how gorgeous it really is.

4/27/30 In Synthetic Fiber 

Here you can see the color shown in the style Heidi. It’s a very warm color that has natural looking highlights.










—- > Click here to learn more about Heidi by Jon Renau 

4/27/30 In Heat Defiant Fiber 

Now you can see this same shade in the Eve style. As you can see, the highlights are a touch more noticeable in this wig.










—- > Click here to learn more about Eve by Jon Renau.

A Direct Comparison 

So how do these stack up side by side? Take a quick peek at the pictures below. As you can see, they really are quite similar, but the heat defiant fiber is slightly more vibrant than the synthetic. Whichever fiber type you choose to go with, you can rest assured it’s going to look great.