It Stays Versus Wig Grip: Ways Of Attaching Your Wig

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It Stays Versus Wig Grip: Ways Of Attaching Your Wig

Wig Grip Band vs It Stays Adhesive Glue Wig Attachments

Worried about your wig shifting as you wear it? Or maybe your greatest concern is that one day, that wind will pick up and as it does, you’ll soon see your hair flying across the road.

Whatever the case may be, this is a large concern for many women, but the great news is that there are methods of securing your wig that ensure this won’t happen.

Two such products you can use include a Wig Grip along with the It Stays Product. Let’s take a look at each.

Wig Grip 

The wig grip is a product that you wear outside of your bio hair/shaved hair or if you’re bald, right against the surface of your skin. You wear it like you would a headband, wrapping it around the circumference of your head. Once on and secure, you then place the wig on overtop, making sure to overlap the wig cap with the wig grip. Pull up to position your wig where you want it and it’s now staying put.

Here’s what a wig grip looks like.

Want  see it in action? Check out the video below.


—- > Click here to learn more about the wig grip. 

It Stays 

A second choice you can use if you find the wig grip to be a bit too bulky and/or uncomfortable is the It Stays body adhesive. This is a water soluble product that essentially acts as a ‘glue’ and will actually glue your wig to your head. Unlike regular glue however, it does come off relatively easily with a little dab of water over where you placed it.  And, this product will not pull out any bio hair as long as it’s used properly.

Here’s the It Stays product.



See how to use it by watching the video below.


—– > Click here to learn more about It Stays. 

How Do They Compare? 

Wondering how these compare and contrast? Or looking for a summary? Get the need to know information in the video below.