How To Care For Beachy Wave Hair

Monroe Wig by Estetica Designs
Monroe by Estetica Designs In The Color R4/6
April 5, 2017
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Noriko’s Angelica Versus Angelica PM
April 8, 2017

How To Care For Beachy Wave Hair

Sarah Beachy Wave Wig

Whether you’ve fallen in love with Julianne or Rachel by Jon Renau, Brittany by Envy, Arrow by Ellen Willie, or Longing for Long by Raquel Welch, it’s important to know how to care for your beachy wave style.

These styles are so popular right now, but without the right care practices and techniques, you might end up ruining your wig.

Here are a few things to know and remember as you make the most of this new style.

Shaded Peaches and Cream DaylightAvoid Brushing

First things first, avoid brushing your new beachy wave wig. The good news is since these wigs do have a slight curl/wave pattern to them, you won’t notice knots nearly as much as you would with straight hair.

Still though, you of course don’t want to let them become too tangled before you do something about it. Finger combing gently is your best bet here. This will help work out any tangles, while still keeping the waves in place and giving them the defined look.

Take a comb or worse, a brush to them and they’ll quickly go frizzy, get thick, and the curl pattern will be lost.

Be Gentle With Updo’s

There are few styles that work as great as a beachy wave when creating updo’s. The loose waves give an elegant appearance in the hair when twisted up and keeping a few longer tendrils down by your face to frame it will be a gorgeous look that you can take anywhere.

Definitely do try putting your beachy wave wigs up in updo’s when you feel like it but remember to be gentle when doing so. Don’t pull the hair back too tight or you may disrupt the natural curl pattern later on when you want to wear it down again. A loose updo with a claw clip works perfectly here.

Finger Piece The Curls In Place

Finally, when it’s finally time to wash your beachy wave wig, do so with care and never comb or brush the hair, especially while wet. Just shake the wig a few times after rinsing and then let air dry. From there, you can finger style the waves into place if necessary.

Just wrap them around your finger gently to separate the waves and then if you prefer, set with a light wig-friendly hair spray.

If you keep these quick points in mind, you can rest assured that your beachy wave wig will last you for months to come. This hot trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so it’s a great style to have in your closet. It’s incredibly easy to dress up or dress down and best of all, you can create in mere seconds what it would take most women nearly an hour to do with their own hair.