High Gradient Bobs: A Comparison Of Mena And Aria

Cameron Wig by Jon Renau
Cameron By Jon Renau In Shaded Peaches And Cream (14/26S10)
June 11, 2017
Jon Renau 24B22 Versus 22F16
Color Comparison: Jon Renau 24B22 Versus 22F16
June 12, 2017

High Gradient Bobs: A Comparison Of Mena And Aria

Aria by Rene of Paris and Mena by Jon Renau

If you’re someone who loves keeping up to date with the latest styles in hair, chances are you now realize just how hot the A-line bob is. So hot in fact that many wig manufacturers are coming out with styles that capture this trend.

Two particular styles you may want to take notice of if you are in the market for this look is Jon Renau’s Mena along with Rene Of Paris’s Aria. Let’s look at how these compare with each other so you can decide which is right for you.

mena by jon renau

Mena by Jon Renau in 8/30



Cap Features 

The first notable difference between the two styles is that Mena comes with a full monofilament top as well as a full lace front. This is going to give you the illusion of the realistic looking scalp both along the partline as well as along the front hairline. It also makes it completely possible to pull back off the face if you wish as well.

On Aria, we see that you get a lace front, however you just get a basic cap, so there is no monofilament part or top to speak of. This means you will get a bit more permatease with this wig, lending to slightly more height and volume in the crown.




Now let’s talk measurements. Mena measures 11.75 inches at the bang, 8.25 inches on the back and the sides, 6.75 inches from the crown down, and has a nape measurement of 1.5 inches. As you can see, going from a nape measurement of 1.5 to a front measurement of 11.75 gives you an exceptionally strong gradient.

Aria by Rene of Paris in Honey Wheat-R

On Aria on the other hand, the bangs measure 10.62 inches, the top measures 6.1 inches, and the nape measures 1.96 inches. So you won’t get quite the steep gradient on this A-line bob as you will on Mena. Nevertheless, it definitely is still present.



Hair Fibers 

Both of these wigs are made from synthetic hair fibers, so you should not be applying heat tools to either of them. This said, Rene of Paris is quite well known for very durable hair fibers, so if longevity is what you are after, you may want to consider this brand.

Jon Renau has excellent feeling fibers and given this is a shorter style it should hold up relatively well, but the fibers do tend to frizz a bit faster than Rene of Paris does.



Price Point 

mena jon renau 12FS8

Mena by Jon Renau in Shaded Praline

Finally, because Mena does offer a full monofilament top, do expect to pay a bit more for this premium feature.  If budget is what you’re after, Aria is likely your better bet here.

So which wig is right for you? Both styles are absolutely gorgeous, so regardless of which you choose, you definitely cannot go wrong.

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