Envy’s Brianna Versus Jon Renau’s Amber

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Envy’s Brianna Versus Jon Renau’s Amber

Brianna by Envy Wigs Amber by Jon Renau

Looking for a long luscious soft curl style that will make you feel incredibly feminine every time you put it on? You’re in luck! There are two great styles that you have to choose from, both of which are simply gorgeous.

The styles in question are Jon Renau’s Amber along with Envy’s Brianna.

Let’s take a closer look at how these compare so you can figure out which is right for you.

Cap Construction

Looking at the cap construction on both of these wigs, you’ll see that both offer the same features. Each of them will come with a full monotop, allowing parting on either side along with a realistic looking lace front.

Do note that Envy caps are quite stretchy, so if you have a large head, you might find this fits you a little better than a standard Jon Renau cap.

This said, Jon Renau’s Amber does come in a large size as well, so this is especially great for those of you who have a bigger head circumference. Do note that the large Amber will come with thicker hair, so there is a slight difference there.


The length of these two styles is similar, with slight differences. Amber comes in with a measurement of 9 inches at the bang, 12 inches from the top down, a back and side measurement of 13.5 inches, and a nape measurement of 15.5 inches.

Brianna, on the other hand, measures 7.75 inches at the bang, 14.25 inches from the top down, has a back and side measurement of 15.5 inches, and a nape measurement of 17.75 inches.

So Brianna overall is a little longer than Amber, however does have a slightly shorter side swept bang.

Wave/Curl Pattern

All in all, the wave pattern on these two wigs is quite similar. As you’ll notice from the pictures below, Brianna’s curls are a little tighter, whereas Amber’s curls give a looser, softer effect.

Do keep in mind though that as you wear Brianna, the curls may relax slightly, so this will influence how tight they look.


Given the similar cap styles, the price points on these wigs are quite similar. Envy’s Brianna comes in at about $50- dollars less than Jon Renau’s Amber.

Making Your Decision

So which style is right for you? While you’ll need to make the decision for yourself, a big deciding factor should be on how tight you want those curls. Both styles will loosen out with wear, but Amber comes looser already compared to Brianna, so you’ll find this gives a straighter effect over time.

Beyond that, consider your color preferences. Jon Renau does offer more overall colors compared to Envy, but this said, Envy does have some gorgeous colors to offer.

Below you’ll see images of Jon Renau’s Amber in Shaded Mocha (24BT18S8) on the left along with Envy’s Brianna in Creamed Coffee on the right.

Click on the image if you wish to see the full video review of each style.

Happy shopping!










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