Color Comparison: Jon Renau Caramel Syrup FS26/31 Versus Strawberry Syrup FS27

Sandra By Jon Renau in 24BT18S8
March 23, 2017
Heidi Wig by Jon Renau
Heidi by Jon Renau In 8RH14
March 28, 2017

Color Comparison: Jon Renau Caramel Syrup FS26/31 Versus Strawberry Syrup FS27

There are few things as challenging when wig shopping as hunting for that perfect color. This is especially the case if you plan to go blonde or strawberry blonde as there are an overwhelming number of options. Add to that fact that if you are purchasing synthetic hair, you’ll get a slightly different overall color look compared to if you are purchasing heat-friendly synthetic hair.

How are you to choose?  To help make things easier, we’ve done a color comparison between two of Jon Renau’s Heat Defiant strawberry blonde colors.  These two colors are Caramel Syrup (FS26/31) along with Strawberry Syrup (FS27). Let’s look at the differences.


Caramel Syrup (FS26/31)

Ignite in Caramel Syrup (FS26/31)

Ignite in Caramel Syrup (FS26/31)




As you’ll notice from the pictures below, caramel syrup is a very vibrant color with plenty of gorgeous highlights. You’ll get a light brown/red color as your base, which is the 31 and then along with that, you’ll get a golden blonde color blended in (the 26). Because this is a ‘fashion syrup’ color, expect the highlights to be more pronounced and slightly chunkier looking.






Strawberry Syrup (FS27)

Next we come to strawberry syrup, another gorgeous strawberry blonde. As the name Haute in Strawberry Syrup (FS27)suggests, this one is more strawberry, so you are getting stronger hints of red overall. This is also a heavily highlighted color, so you will be getting the blonde running through the redder color as well. Only this time, the blonde as a noticeably redder color to it and on top of that, the entire wig itself does appear slightly darker than the caramel syrup color does.



Haute in Strawberry Syrup (FS27)



A Direct Comparison…

Want to see them side by side? Check out the below picture which shows them side by side. One against a white background with natural daylight coming in and room lighting and the second, next to a window with natural lighting (but not direct sunlight). Caramel Syrup (FS26/31) is on the left and Strawberry Syrup (FS27) is on the right.

Caramel Syrup FS26/31 and Strawberry Syrup FS27Caramel Syrup FS26/31 Versus Strawberry Syrup


Which Is Right For You? 

So which should you choose? Not an easy answer by any means as you can imagine. Generally speaking, if you are looking for something that has more blonde and a bit more of a brownish coloring to it, you’ll want to go with caramel syrup. The red in this one does have a slightly browner appearance compared to the FS27, however make no mistake, it is more of a red than a brown.

If you are looking for that strawberry color with a sun-kissed lighter highlighted look, FS27 is your best bet.

Also do keep in mind that if you are someone who needs rooting, you can get FS26/31 in a rooted version called Salted Caramel (FS26/31S8). At the current time, FS27 is not available in a rooted version.