Hair Loss

April 8, 2017
My Hair Loss Story Emma Alopecia

My Hair Loss Story – Emma

My hair loss story started about 8 years ago. I always had thin hair, it was a family trait, and I accepted it. It wasn’t until […]
March 23, 2017
5 Great Reasons to Wear a Wig

5 Great Reasons To Wear A Wig

On the fence about whether you should try and make due with the thinning bio hair you have or dive in and simply start wearing wigs? […]
January 16, 2017
To tell or not to tell about your wigs

To Tell Or Not To Tell About Your Wigs

After purchasing your fabulous new hair, it’s bound to happen at least a few times: the unexpected compliment. “Your hair looks fabulous!” “Wow, I love your […]
November 18, 2016
Alopecia - My Hair Loss Story by Christa

My Hair Loss Story – Christa

My Story Hi my name is Christa and this is my hair loss journey.  I will start by saying that I have always had very thin […]
August 31, 2016

My Hair Loss Story – Shannon

My Story In order to best explain my story, I figured a bit of background information is in order. I grew up as a former competitive […]
August 5, 2016
my hair loss story | canada wig

My Hair Loss Story – Madison – Part 2

My Hair Loss Story – Madison – Part 2 I made peace with my hair loss so now what? Bring on the wigs… There is this […]
August 1, 2016
Hair Loss

My Hair Loss Story – Madison – Part 1

My Hair Loss Story – Madison – Part 1 My name is Madison and my hair loss journey has really only just begun. I am a […]
June 22, 2016
Coping with Hairloss and Alopecia

Coping With Hair Loss

Losing your hair is no light matter.  For many people, it’s an incredibly hard thing to go through and often comes at a time when you […]