Cameron By Jon Renau In Shaded Peaches And Cream (14/26S10)

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Cameron By Jon Renau In Shaded Peaches And Cream (14/26S10)

Cameron Wig by Jon Renau

Looking for a gorgeous bob that’s just sweeping your shoulders? Want the luxurious hand-tied cap? Jon Renau’s Cameron style will fit the bill perfectly. This wig is very similar to their Kristen style, only rather than having a basic cap with a Lace front, Cameron offers top of the line cap features including a hand-tied cap and a monofilament top. The Lace front completes this style, ensuring it looks great and feels even better.

If you want comfort, hand-tied caps are for you! These caps also fit a little roomier, so are perfect for those with larger head sizes. This said, they are still following standard cap size measurements, so do keep that in mind.

Cameron is shown below in the color Shaded Peaches and Cream (14/26S10), which is a gorgeous warm blonde shade with hints of red and a dark root to give the illusion of natural hair growth at the top.

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