Beachy Style Not What You Expected? Here’s What To Know

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Mena Wig by Jon Renau
May 18, 2017
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June 9, 2017

Beachy Style Not What You Expected? Here’s What To Know

Beachy Wave Wigs

If you don’t own a beachy wave style wig yet, chances are, there’s one on your list to purchase. This hot style is all the rage right now with everyone wanting to pull off the look.

And, the great news is that you can now create the style that takes many women hours to do with their real hair in mere seconds by slipping on your wig. Whether you want a shorter beachy wave style or one that’s longer, there are plenty of options across all price points.

But, sometimes when you first get your beachy wave wig home and put it on, you’ll find, it’s not quite what you expected.

If you’re suffering from initial disappointment, here’s what to know.

Box Hair Does Happen

The first thing to note is that just as with straight hair, box hair can happen. If the beachy wave wig was sitting in the manufacturers box for a while before getting to you, it may have kinks in place that aren’t what in line with the style.

Or, in some cases, it may appear as though the style has ‘flattened’ somewhat, with some strands straighter than others.

Do not despair if this happens to you. This can usually be easily revived with some water. Simply spray the hair with a spray bottle or dunk it entirely and then shake and let air dry. Chances are, those waves will be back to how they should be in no time.

Wave Styles May Need Training As Well

Another thing to note is that just like any hair you’re purchasing, beachy wave styles need some training as well. You might get hair flopping down into the face if it has a bang on it or certain strands that seem to have a mind of their own.

In these times, water and a bobby pin are your best friends. Spray the area with a bit of water and pin it in place to where you want it to go. Let dry and see how you stand. This will usually fix the problem and if it doesn’t, simply repeat the process until it does.

Stylists Beware!

Finally, one last note on beachy wave styles – be careful on styling them. Apart from getting a few hairs ‘trained’ to do what you want, you don’t want to try and mess with these styles too much.

This doesn’t mean you should be afraid to put them into an updo, low ponytail, or half up style, but do be careful about brushing them out. Finger combing is best with these or you may end up with a poofy look that isn’t nearly what you want.

Likewise, if you change the part around too much, you may disrupt the natural curl pattern, which can also be hard to get back into place.

So there you have the main points to know and remember regarding beachy wave styles. If you treat these styles properly, they will reward you by offering you some of the best hair you’ve ever worn.