A Guide To Transitioning Between Styles

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February 26, 2017
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A Guide To Transitioning Between Styles

How to Transition Wig Styles
Jamison by Estetica Designs in Spice

Jamison by Estetica Designs in Spice

As you go about your wig wearing, chances are, at some point or another, you’ll start to become bored. And, with literally hundreds of different wigs to choose from, there’s no question that you’ll start to seek out variety. Since we as wig wearers can change the color, length, and style of our hair in mere seconds, it really is all too enticing to make continual changes.

BUT, if you aren’t completely ‘out’ of the closet in terms of coming public with your wig wearing, you may be feeling slightly nervous about going from a shoulder length cut to a longer style.

The good news is that by planning your transitions wisely, you can fool even the most observant of individuals most of the time.

Here are a few tips and tricks to know.

Stick With One Brand 

If you plan on making a larger jump between styles, say going from a shorter cut to something that sits just above your shoulders, your best bet is to stick with the same brand for the time being. As nearly every brand has a number of styles at any given length, this shouldn’t present much of a challenge.

This way, you can change the style, but keep the color the same. This part is key. If you want to fool people into thinking that your hair simply ‘grew’ out, keeping the color constant can help. If both the color and the style change, you’re going to raise some eyebrows.

Scene Stealer Wig

Scene Stealer by Raquel Welch in RL14/22

Style Your Current Wig Differently For A While 

Another option if you know you are planning to make a transition is to consider styling your current wig a little differently for the time being. For example, if your hair is about shoulder length and you want to go longer, start putting that shoulder length hair into an updo or ponytail more often when you are around those who you’re most concerned about.

This way, they won’t directly ‘see’ how long your hair really is and when you make that switch, they’ll be magically fooled into thinking your hair just grew since the last time they saw it straight down.

This will take a bit more work and planning on your part, but if you are serious about flying under the radar, it’s a great technique to use.

Consider A Different Texture Of Hair 

Another smart tip that can help ease length differences is to consider a different texture. If you were wearing a wig that was normally poker straight, try a curlier one for a change of pace as you alter the length. Obviously you still can’t go from shoulder length straight hair to mid-way-down-your-back longer curls, but if you are making a change of an inch or two longer, this can easily help out. People will more notice the change from curly to straight or vice versa than they will the fact the length has changed.

Come Clean 

Haute 6F27

Haute by Jon Renau in 6F27

Finally, if you’ve decided that you really want to make a dramatic change and love trying and experimenting with new wigs, you might just try and come clean with those who you are around most who you feel will be accepting of you. This way, you can change your style at your leisure and never have to worry again.

For those few people who you may just not feel comfortable telling, keep that same wig and wear it constantly. But at least this way, the rest of the time, you can play to your heart’s content.

So keep these few guidelines in mind as you go about choosing and wearing your wigs. Half the fun of wearing supplemental hair is being able to change it regularly so try to avoid missing out on this benefit!