A Guide To Jon Renau’s Colors

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A Guide To Jon Renau’s Colors

Guide to Jon Renau's Wig Colors

Perhaps one of the hardest parts of figuring out which wig to by is trying to decipher which color is best for you. While you may have a good inkling of whether you want to go blonde, red, or brown, there are many shades that represent these color categories to choose from. Which is right for you? And what do all the color codes mean?

If you’re shopping Jon Renau wigs, you’ll find that many of the colors come with both names as well as numbers. By learning a little more what the numbers and letters mean, you can better decipher which color you should be purchasing.

Ignite in 12FS8

Ignite in 12FS8

Let’s take a closer look at what you need to know.

A Guide To Numbers

When it comes to numbers, you’ll find numbers range from very low to very high. At the very lowest end – number 1 – you’ll find the blackest of the black. As you move upwards through the scale, the colors lighten to dark brown then lighter brown and then you’ll transition into blonde colors as you hit number 14 or so.

The blondes will become blonder as the scale goes up to a point where they begin moving into a strawberry blonde. You’ll notice wigs with the color 26, 27, and above all have that reddish tint to them. If you get up beyond the number 30, you’ll be moving away from blonde and into a deeper red.

Finally, going into the numbers 50 and beyond, you’ll start looking at your grey scale ranging from a blonde-grey to a pure grey depending on the color.

When you can understand a bit better how these numbers work, when you get a color such as FS26/31, you can get a better idea of what this color may look like. In this instance, you’ll get a strawberry blonde (the 26) coupled with a deeper red (the 31).

Miranda by Jon Renau in Caramel Syrup (FS26/31)

Miranda by Jon Renau in Caramel Syrup (FS26/31)

Note the one exception to this is the popular blonde color, 12FS8, which has an 8 root and actually has a platinum blended in with a beachy blonde color. The end result is a light blonde that is very flattering on many skin tones.

Letter Coding

In addition to numbers, sometimes letters are added to the mix as well.

If you see a color with a ‘B’ in the name, this refers to blended colors in which you’ll have two colors nicely blended together to form a rich color that appears to be less highlighted but still quite dynamic.

If you see an S in the name, such as 24BT18S8, which is shaded mocha, that means the color is shaded at the roots to the darker color. In this case, an 8 which is a deep brown.

The Jon Renau shades marked by ‘FS’ stands for fashion syrup colors, which means they are a fashion forward highlight, resulting in slightly bolder highlight patterns. If you like thicker more noticeable highlights, you’ll love these colors.

Another code you may see is ‘RH’ which stands for Renau highlights and contains 33% of the highlighted color along with the base. This is opposed to a traditional highlight, which contains just 20% of that highlight color.

Zara in FS12/24B

Zara in FS12/24B

If you are just getting a ‘T’ in the color code, this means that the color has been tipped, meaning the highlighting is going to be present throughout the body of the wig as well as the ends.

If it’s a ‘TT’ you’re looking at, this means two-toned and you will notice a darker color at the nape with a lighter color on top.

Finally, if you don’t get any numbers at all but rather two letters are put together with a ‘/’, this means two primary colors will be present but in much thinner looking highlights. An example of this is 4/33 or 6/33.

So there you have a brief explanation of what the various Jon Renau colors mean. Use this information as you try and figure out which color is right for you.