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June 8, 2017
Ciara by Jon Renau
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June 9, 2017

A Closer Look At Jon Renau’s 6/33

Jon Renau color 6/33

If you are a Jon Renau fan, one color that you may have your eyes on but be not quite sure of is 6/33, otherwise known as Raspberry Twist. What does this color really look like and is it the color for you?

The Color Code 

Alia in 6/33

Alia in 6/33

The color code for Raspberry Twist indicates that it is made up of a mixture of the color 6, which is a dark brown color along with the color 33, which is a vibrant red color. It’s not a bright red color, but rather, a rich auburn color that blends in great with the darker brown.

The overall effect of this is going to be to great a look that is lighter overall than the color 6 on its own and to create a color that comes across as slightly reddish.

This color also tends to be a bit warmer than the regular 6 on its own, so if you are someone who loves a good warm brown and wants to soften your look, this can be an excellent color to choose!


The Highlighting Effect 


Notice the gorgeous highlights here! They’re well blended, but still noticeable up close.

You’ll notice in the picture below, which shows a close up of this color, that highlighting is evident up close, but from afar, it’s really not that noticeable. You won’t get a bold streaky sort of feel with this color like you might if you ordered say a Jon Renau Syrup shade, which is designated by the term ‘FS’ in the color description.

For those who prefer a subtle color difference, 6/33 is an excellent choice.


Is It Your Best Option? 

So is this color right for you? Those who will be best suited to utilizing the 6/33 are those who normally wear a shade 6 or 8 brown but who want a little more of a dynamic color and perhaps one with just a touch if red. If you dislike red, this is not the color for you. Instead, if you want to lighten up, you’d be better suited to say the color 8RH14, which is a lighter brown mixed in with a darker blonde. This color will be far ashier and cooler than the 6/33, so if that’s your skin tone and hair preference, go with that instead.



But if you love red but don’t want to be too dramatic and call attention to yourself, 6/33 is a gorgeous color to go with. And, even better is that nearly all of the Jon Renau styles come in this color, so you shouldn’t have any issue finding the style that’s right for you.