5 Great Reasons To Wear A Wig

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March 22, 2017
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March 23, 2017

5 Great Reasons To Wear A Wig

5 Great Reasons to Wear a Wig

On the fence about whether you should try and make due with the thinning bio hair you have or dive in and simply start wearing wigs? If so, you aren’t alone. Many people in this transitional phase are asking a number of questions. They definitely don’t feel confident in their natural hair but at the same time, they worry about what it will feel and be like to wear a wig.

Wig comfort aside, there are many great reasons to wear a wig. So many in fact that once you start wearing a wig, you might find that you’ll never consider going back to your ‘real hair’ again, even if it does grow back.

Here are five great reasons to wear a wig.

No More Hair Stylist Appointments

You know those 2-hour long appointments you have with your stylist every couple of months? You can kiss those good-bye. While some may like chatting it up with their stylist, for most, carving out this time is something they’d rather not have to do given their busy schedule.

With wigs, you’ll never have to see a stylist again, unless of course you want some minor adjustments made to your wig. And even then, one trip and that’s all you’ll need for the life of that wig.

No More Roots

You know the feeling… you’ve just had a great dye job and three weeks later, those roots are starting to peek through. With a new wig color, you no longer have to deal with this issue. Since wig hair doesn’t grow, the color stays looking fresh and perfect for as long as you have that wig.

And, if you happen to prefer the look of roots since you feel it looks more realistic, not to worry, you can actually buy wigs with a little rooting showing.

Perfect Hair 7 Days A Week

While everyone else is complaining about the weather turning their hair frizzy, you can smile to yourself knowing you don’t have to worry. The elements are not going to influence how you look in your wig, so you can say hello to picture perfect hair 7 days a week.

Having great looking hair has never been easier.

2 Minutes To Ready

Perhaps one of the best benefits of wigs is the fact that you can literally get ready to go in the morning in less than 2 minutes as far as your hair is concerned.  Just put the wig on, finger style as needed and walk out the door, looking like you spent hours getting your hair just right.

Think of all the free time you’ll have now in the mornings to do other things like eat breakfast or sleep.

Unlimited Style and Color Options

Finally, a last great benefit that wigs have to offer is that you’ll have an unlimited number of styling and color options. No longer will you be limited based on what your biological hair is. Want long hair? No problem. Bleach blonde? You can get it without killing your hair in the process.

And, you can go from a dark brunette short style to a long beachy blonde style overnight. Who else can say that?

So as you can see, wearing wigs doesn’t have to be something to dread – it can be something you welcome and actually look forward to. So take that step and get started today. You won’t regret it.