4 Tips For Creating Bangs In Your Wigs

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January 16, 2017
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4 Tips For Creating Bangs In Your Wigs

How to cut bangs in your wigs

So you’ve bought a new wig, tried it on and it fits and looks great. Exception for one thing: you feel like you need bangs.

If you normally wore bangs with your bio hair, you may find that it’s hard to get used to not having bangs when you move into supplementary hair. Obviously the best plan of action is to simply buy a wig that comes with bangs. This way, those bangs are built right in and it’s going to look as natural as possible.

And, the good news is there are styles that have a number of different bang options. From side swept bangs to blunt bangs to longer, poker straight bangs, you have no shortage of choices.

This said, if you currently have a wig that is in need of a bang, here are a few tips to help you get that bang you want successfully.

Always Go Slow

If you’ve decided to be brave and make the cut yourself, now is not the time to do a rush job. Make sure you are relaxed and have at least an hour to do this. You may not need an hour, but the last thing you want to do is a few snips here and there and rush out the door. That’s a sure-fire way to guarantee a bang that looks haphazard.

Do a few little snips, stop and then check it. Then snip some more. The more stops you do, the better your end result will be.

Try That Wig On

Which brings us to the next point – trying your wig on. After every couple of snips, it’s time to try the wig on your own head. While most people will cut the hair while it’s on a mannequin’s head, you want to put that wig on and see how it’s sitting on your own head.

This is the best way to determine whether the bangs are at the right length.

Remember, you can always cut more off but synthetic hair is never growing back. If you cut it too short, that wig will be ruined.

Use A Hot Air Brush

Finally, you might find that as you go about this process, you need to apply some gentle heat to get the bangs to sit forward as you want them. This is especially the case if the wig style has a strong part-line and comes with a monofilament top or double monofilament top.

A hot air brush tends to work best here as it doesn’t get hot enough to do damage to the hair so you can safely use it to add a bit of shape to that front area while bringing the hair forward before cutting.

Take It To A Professional

Finally, if all these steps scare you even the slightest, consider taking your wig to a professional. Cutting wig hair does require technique and if you have no practice on older wigs (which is highly recommended first!), you might just be better off turning to the pro’s.

A simple wig trim likely won’t cost you more than $15-20 and considering the life you’ll be getting out of the wig, it can be well worth it.

So keep these tips in mind next time you decide you want bangs for your wig. Be smart in how you go about doing this so you end up with a wig you’ll wear proudly and not one designed for ‘home’ hair.